Who is Monday.com right for?

In my opinion, Monday is best suited to businesses or organisations with 3 or more staff/users who are willing to commit a significant amount of time and/or money to building their dream system and have the budget for the Pro or Enterprise Plan.

Good Things Take Time.

Monday is an almost infinitely customizable no-code platform that is almost limitless in it’s possibilities.

However, creating a complete system to manage all your organisation’s processes and workflows in Monday requires a lot of time, money and know-how.

Don't Skimp On Automations (Or Your Pricing Plan)

atom like integration symbol with lady on top

When it comes to Monday Pricing Plans, I wouldn't recommend anything less than the Pro Plan to anybody seriously considering Monday for their organisation.  (The only exception to this rule of mine would be for non-profits as Monday offers a free Non-profit Plan for qualifying NPOs that has Enterprise-level features).

The reason for this is because the Pricing Plans below Pro level are seriously limited when it comes to the number of monthly Integration and Automation actions you are allowed.

The Pro plan gives you 25,000 Automation actions and 25,000 Integration actions per month.  I know this might seem like way more than you need, but trust me - it's not.

Three of the core principles of Monday.com that make it a total game-changer are;

  1. Being able to organise all your data in one place
  2. The ability to automate practically any workflow
  3. Being able to Integrate Monday.com with popular third party tools and make them better

Because Monday lets you not only organise all your data in one place, but also automate it and integrate with other powerful tools, if you are limited in the number of Automation and Integration actions you get each month, you are seriously limiting the potential of the platform to save you time and make your life a whole lot better!

The next lesson is about...

The new Add-on Products Monday recently released and how these redefine what Monday is and what it can do.  The 4 Products are;

  • Monday Dev
  • Monday Marketer
  • Monday Projects
  • Monday Sales CRM

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