What will you have learned by the end of this Course?

By the end of this Course, you will have learned how to;

monday brain explosing

Analyse your core business processes and workflows and create an effective strategy on how to best represent and automate them in Monday.com.

This is absolutely key and a vital first step before you diving into setting up ANY Project Management, CRM or workflow automation software.

monday.com boards

Set up powerful Boards complete with multiple columns, automations, integrations and Dashboards.


Organise all of your data in one place with well organised Workspaces, Folders, Boards and Docs in such a way that all your data is connected, easy to find and use and able to be automated. No more searching through multiple apps to find and use information!

monday connect boards column

Build relationships between different sets of data using the Connect Boards Column and Mirror Column so you can always find (and automate) what you need when you need it.

monday.com automation

Set up powerful Automations that can handle most of your repetitive time-consuming tasks without you even lifting a finger.

monday.com workdoc gif

Master Monday Workdocs including comments, embedding Boards and other Widgets, sharing etc.

monday.com team chat and collaboration

Be proficient at collaboration and user management in Monday.

monday file management

Master file management in Monday including file versioning and collaboration.

monday.com dashboard

Be able to set up custom Dashboards that collate data from multiple Boards in powerful and easy to use visual charts and other widgets.

The next lesson is about...

What you will have built by the time you complete this Course.  Because the best way to learn is to do!  Plus, that way by the time you complete the Course you will have actually made leaps and bounds towards building your own Boards, Automations and Workflows in Monday.com.  Win win!

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