What is this Course about?

This Course is a comprehensive beginner's guide to Monday.com AKA Monday Work Management.

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This Course is a complete beginner's guide for Monday.com designed to give new users a really good all-round understanding of this amazing no-code/low-code platform.

I have integrated our private Community for Monday.com users into this Course and you can view, reply to or add comments and questions at the bottom of any Lesson.  You can also rate any answers you receive to your questions to give feedback to commenters and help other users know which replies were the most helpful for your question.

If you have any comments or questions about this Course or Monday.com in general, feel free to add them below and I or somebody else from the Community will answer your questions ASAP.

Note; You can use the same login credentials you used to sign up to this Course to log into the Community without ever having to leave the Lesson.


This Course covers both Monday.com Work OS and Monday Work Management as they are one and the same.  

99% of the Course is also relevant for the new add-on Monday Products (Monday Sales CRM, Dev, Marketer and Projects) - but more on them in a later lesson.

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