What will you have built by the end of this Lesson?

By the end of this course, you will have done the following;

Set up a new Monday account.

monday.com user account
  • Set up your Monday account - either a free forever Individual Plan or a 14 day free trial (no credit card required) of one of the Monday.com paid plans.
  • Created 2 Workspaces in your Monday.com account, each containing at least one Folder, Board, Dashboard and Doc.
  • Invited a second user & a viewer/guest to your account so you can assign tasks, chat with and mention each other . (If you don't have any other users to invite I will show you how to set up a dummy user for yourself so you can test how Monday works with a team).

Set up 2 Key Boards (Tasks & Projects) complete with Integrations, Automations and Dashboards.

monday.com on laptop and mobile with coffee green background
  • Created a Tasks Board (that will allow you to link Tasks to Projects and vice versa and also create Tasks automatically based on Project stage).
  • Created a Deals Board (that will allow you to link Projects to Tasks and vice versa and also create tasks automatically based on Project stage).
  • Set up the Gmail/Outlook email integration so that we can view, send and reply to emails in Monday - including using email templates and automated emails.
  • Set up the Google/Outlook Calendar Integration so that important dates for our Projects get added to our Calendar and vice versa.
  • Set up an automation that creates a new Task when a Deal reaches a certain Status/stage.
  • Set up an automation so that when a Deal is marked as complete, any associated Tasks are also marked as complete.
  • Created and used a template for a Call Log or Meeting Agenda Template in the Emails & Activities View.
  • Learned how to use the Emails & Activities Item View to log Calls and Meetings.
  • Created a Dashboard containing several Charts and other Widgets to give us a good high level overview of our Tasks and Projects Boards.

Set up a Monday Workdoc (super powerful and a complete game changer).

monday.com workdoc gif
  • Embedding a useable, filterable Board within the Doc
  • Commenting on certain parts of the Doc and replying to those comments.
  • Adding and using the key Doc block types
  • Sharing the Doc with other Users and Guests.

The next lesson is about...

In the next Lesson we will summarise the key points we have covered in this Module to reinforce the knowledge in your brain.

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