So, ummm…what exactly IS is an infinitely customizable no-code/low-code platform that allows you to build a system that can organise ALL of your data, automate  your workflows and allow you to collaborate effectively with your team all in the one place.

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"What is" has always been a tricky question to answer, because it is such a super customizable platform.  And that question has only become more difficult in 2022 because of some very recent new add-on products that Monday just released. But we'll touch on those new add-on Products in the next lesson.  In this lesson, we'll focus just on the core platform itself.

Note is currently in the midst of rebranding it's core platform from " Work OS" to "Monday Work Management".  Features, Plans and pricing are identical so everything in this Course is relevant for both.

Monday ISN'T A Project Management Tool or CRM.  (It's WAY More Than That).

what is used for?

Over recent years, Monday has been promoted as both a Project Management Tool and (more recently) CRM. However, the truth is that (until very recently) WASN'T actually a Project Management Tool OR a CRM.  

Prior to late 2022 and the new add-on Monday Products (see next lesson for more info), was really just an incredibly customizable no-code/low-code platform with hundreds of free templates that you could use to create an awesome Project Management Tool or CRM (or pretty much anything else you could dream up.

While the Monday platform does offer a wide range of free templates, including CRM and Project Management templates, these templates (again, until recently) were far from complete systems and did not integrate with other aspects of a user's account without a whole lotta work. Is The Lego Of The App World

project management tool monday

 And because it is incredibly customizable and allows you to connect pretty much any data to pretty much any other data and automate it, you could connect your Project Management Tool with your CRM and with anything else you built using the platform.

In other words, is pretty much the Lego of the App world. Just like Lego, Monday is comprised mostly of simple colourful blocks and at first glance can seem quite simple and limited in power. However, with a little bit of experience, you quickly realise that you can build almost anything you can imagine with those little colourful blocks. It is incredibly powerful, versatile and customizable.

My Setup boards

As an example,. below are some of the key Boards I have set up in to manage my 2 businesses (the Boards are all integrated with each other and automated, meaning no more siloed data and all of my data "plays nice" with each other and is actually doing a lot of my old manual work for me automatically).

  • Tasks Board,
  • Projects Board for Business A
  • Projects Board for Business B
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Cashflow Forecast Board that features automatic updates based on new projects booked
  • Google SEO Keywords
  • Youtube SEO Keywords

The next lesson is about...

What kind of User and Organisation is right for.

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