Big changes to in 2022

Monday recently released 4 New Add-on Products And Rebranded It's Core Platform To "Monday Work Management".

monday work management logo

New name, same platform - Monday Work Management

(The App Formerly Known As Work OS)

So What's Up With These "Recent Changes" to Monday?

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Monday Dev

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Monday Projects

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Monday Marketer

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Monday Sales CRM

As mentioned in the previous Lesson, the core Monday platform itself is unchanged, although it has had a slight rebrand from " Work OS" to "Monday Work Management".

This Course is focused on the Monday platform itself (ie " Work OS" AKA "Monday Work Management"), so we aren't going to go into these new Products here.  (However, I will be releasing Courses on the new Monday Add-on Products soon, so stay tuned for details).

However, it is important to consider these new add-on Products in terms of how they redefine the Monday Product Suite as a product and how they redefine what type of user or organisation Monday is right for.

Do The New Monday Add-on Products Change Who Monday Is Right For?

monday sales crm sales pipeline widget

In short, yes - actually make that "kind of" - and no.

Kind of

The new Add-on Products do change who Monday is right for - kind of!  In the sense that each Product brings some unique features specific to the use case and not available in the base Monday Platform.

Eg amongst other new features, Monday Sales CRM has a cool Sales Pipeline Widget in the Item View that is only available in Sales CRM.  Ie it isn't available in any other Product or the Monday Platform itself.

While the list of Product-specific features is reasonably small at the moment considering the price of these add-on Products, I have no doubt that the Monday team will continue to rapidly develop these Products and add even more cool features.  

This means that, moving forward these add-on Products like Monday Sales CRM etc will make the Monday platform a viable option for companies that want more of a plug-and-play solution rather than a custom build scenario.

But No

In my opinion, no the new add-on Products do not fundamentally change who the Monday platform is right for.

The reason I say this is because the new add-on Products do not integrate with each other by default.  This means that while it is easier than ever to implement CRM functionality within the Monday platform by adding the Monday Sales CRM Product, this Product won't automatically integrate with any other Products, Boards and Automations you have previously added or add in the future.

This means that building a complete system in the Monday platform is still going to take a fair amount of time, money and know-how.  And patience.

The next Chapter is about...

How you can organise, connect and automate all your data in  We will cover the hierarchy of data in (where your stuff lives) and also the Connect Boards Column and Mirror Column.

These two Columns are actually more of an advanced topic but they are a fundamental part of how Monday is able to organise and automate all your data so we'd be crazy not to help you wrap your head around them.

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