About The BotSquad Community

100% free and totally committed to helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers just like you to not only Master Monday.com but also build their complete system with it quickly, easily and affordably.

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Why join our Community?

Because the BotSquad Community is 100% devoted to helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers just like you to understand Monday.com, master it and build your dream system with it.

And just as importantly, we will help you do all this quickly, easily and affordably.


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Connect with other Small Business Owners and Freelancers or even App experts and Monday.com team members!

Get support

Got a question?  The BotSquad Community can help you out!

Draw on the collective knowledge of the Community and get your questions answered and your problems solved faster!

Stay motivated

Being a Small Business Owner or Freelancer can be a lonely life.  Give and get support and motivation to/from your fellow Community members on the BotSquad Community.  Also a great place to find answers to all your Monday questions quickly from independent sources.


CoMMUNITY content

What's included in the Community


General Chat

This Community Channel is the place to go for general chat about anything related to Small Business or Apps or the Community in general.

If you have a question/comment/post about another App (ie not Monday.com) then this is the place for it,


Monday Tips

On this Channel, I and other Community Members will share Mini Courses, Video Guides and detailed articles about Killer Monday features and how to get the most out of them

Even if you have been using Monday for years, I guarantee you that you will still learn something useful that will make you more effective in Monday every single day.


Monday Complete Guide

This Channel is related to our first Course we are about to release shortly.  The working title for this Course is "The complete guide to mastering and building your own complete system with Monday.com".  (Catchy, I know!).

If there are any updates on this Course, this is where you will find them.


Monday Kitset

The Monday Kitset is now in Beta!  You can learn more and apply to become a Monday Kitset Beta Tester here.

The Monday Kitset is a complete Monday system that can be installed in your Monday account in minutes.

The system includes multiple Boards and Dashboards, Docs and all the Automations you need to manage pretty much every aspect of your business.

The Monday Kitset will take you from Zero to Hero in Monday instantly (and with almost no work on your part!)


Live Events

We will be hosting live events regularly where I and other Monday experts answer all your questions and demonstrate new features or builds.


Online Courses

We are close to completing our very first Course - the Complete Guide to Mastering Monday And Building Your Dream System.  

This will be a paid Course but for a limited time, if you sign up to our Community now you will get exclusive free access to the Course.


Check out the community now


Patrick Fallon  Monday Fanatic & Semi-pro Coffee Drinker

Patrick is a Small Business Owner based in the tiny town of Kingston (population est. 400) in New Zealand's south island.

Patrick is, there is no other word for it, completely obsessed with Monday.com.  Not only does Patrick use Monday to manage every aspect of his two businesses, he has also helped many other companies improve their systems and communication with this incredible tool.

However, Patrick is also fairly open-minded and has vast experience with a host of other CRMs and Project Management Tools.  So, if he feels Monday is not a good fit for you or your business, he will be happy to tell you so - and may even be able to recommend some suitable alternatives.

Patrick started BotSquad and launched the BotSquad Community because learning and setting up Monday is an almost impossible task for business owners without their own in-house IT department.

The focus for BotSquad at present is very much on free resources and courses that can help other Small Business Owners and Freelancers escape the dreaded App Overload and take their businesses (and their lives) to the next level.

If this sounds like a bit of you, please visit our Community and get involved.  We'd love to have you onboard and help you in whatever way we can.

Why you need the Community and the Community needs you.

The BotSquad Community needs you because we are starting this Community from scratch.  As in zero members, zip, nada!

And a "Community of one" isn't a Community!

And the true benefits of Community get stronger and stronger the more connected and engaged members join that Community.

So, if you are a Small Business Owner or Freelancers who uses or is thinking about using Monday.com, we need you and would love to see you in our Community.

You need the BotSquad Community because there is no better place to improve your Monday.com skills and knowledge, stay motivated and get support when you need it.

I don't want to brag, but there are more powerful resources available here on the Community to help you power up your Monday.com than you will find anywhere online.  And I even include the official Monday support docs in that statement!

I am 100% dedicated to helping you and all the other Monday.com Small Bizzers and Freelancers out there to manage their businesses (and lives) more effectively and more easily with Monday.com.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Come join the Llama Party!  (That bad Monday joke will make sense later, I promise).



Yes, the Community and all the resources on it are currently 100% free.  This may change in the future but for now it's all free.


The Community is 99% focused on Monday.com but yes we do occasionally cover other Apps.


The BotSquad Community is focused on Small Business Owners and Freelancers who don't have their own IT department (or IT budget).  You don't have to be supe tech savvy to fit in, but a reasonably open mind is helpful.


I was referencing one of my favourite (in a funny way) features in Monday.com - the Llama Farm widget.  Google it.  You will love it.