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What You'd Like To Do Less Of

Let's face it, none of us became Professional Photographers because we wanted to spend more time doing the accounts, sending follow-up emails or juggling calendars. But that is exactly how many professional photographers spend 90% of their working lives.  I am guessing that you, like most pro photographers, would like to spend less time doing repetitive mundane non-billable tasks such as;

  • Checking to see what stage all your Leads are at
  • Drafting and sending follow-up emails (hoping you don't seem pushy)
  • Creating quotes/invoices, chasing payments and doing the accounts 
  • Sending contracts and questionnaires to new clients
  • Chasing up existing clients for needed info
  • Adding tasks to your list or ticking them off
  • Searching for and struggling to find emails, contracts and invoices

What You'd Like To Do More Of

Chances are you became a Photographer because you love taking photos and you wanted a career that provided creativity and flexibility...and yet you find yourself spending much of your day doing the accounts, sending follow-up emails and juggling calendars...

  • Take beautiful photos
  • Work for yourself
  • Have an awesome lifestyle
  • Escape the ordinary (eg Office World)
  • Do more than just pay the mortgage - ie put some money in the bank while still have a life!

I get it.  

I'm a Photographer too.

As well as running BotSquad, I am a full-time Professional Photographer over at Fallon Photography and have been for 19 years now.  

Now, I don't claim to be the greatest Professional Photographer the world has ever seen but I know the industry well and what I know even better than Photography is digital systems (AKA Apps).  

I can help ANYONE become more organised, efficient and profitable by implementing and learning how to use the right systems for their Photography Business.

Patrick Fallon

How I help Pro Photographers reach their goals

We help Professional Photographers just like you reach their goals faster with a range of free and paid services including Online Learning, Coaching, Consulting and Community.  Below is more info about the various services & products we offer.  To schedule your Free One Hour Photography CRM Strategy Session just click here or for more info, get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Get A Free 1 Hour Photography CRM Strategy Session + Report

(normally $98)

Let us help you to find the best Photography CRM for your business quickly and easily.  

Join Our Private Community (free)

Join our Private Community Space devoted entirely to Photography CRMs & Apps.  Our Private Community (we call it "Squadron") is intuitive and super easy to use because it works just like Facebook - only without the Ads, trolls, Spam and ruthless stealing of your personal data!  You can follow, comment, mention etc.  The Community is young and small and the more people we get engaged on there the more benefit it will provide everybod. So, don't be shy - join the conversation now!

Browse The BotSquad App Database (free)

The BotSquad App Database includes 16 Top Photography CRMs and a host of other awesome  CRMs that could be great options for you (like Bonsai, Salesmate, etc).  The App Database will help you to quickly and easily eliminate CRMs that are missing the core features you need or are simply outside of your budget.  We will use the App Database to narrow your focus to no more than 2 - 3 CRMs from which we will choose our Top CRM for the Trial Phase.

Online Learning (free + paid courses)

We are in the process of publishing a number of free and paid online courses covering various Apps and App Collections.  Register your interest here.

Consulting & Coaching (paid)

If you don't have the time or inclination to learn how to set up your new Photography CRM then, this is for you.  We can either coach you on how to set up and use your chosen App/s or we can do the hard work for you.  These are by far the quickest and easiest ways to get your Photography Business dialled with a new awesome Photography CRM.

Schedule Your Free One Hour Photography CRM Strategy Session Now

In this Free One Hour CRM Strategy Session we will go over the following and much much more;

  • Which systems/Apps/processes you are currently using - which are working well and which aren't.
  • Current challenges you and your business are facing
  • How your business is currently performing
  • How you would like your business to be performing - ie setting clear measurable goals
  • How much you are currently spending on subscriptions and what your max. budget is
  • "Deal Breaker" features that are a must-have for you for any new App
  • Detailed report after your Session detailing meeting notes and next actions

I guarantee you this; even if you end up not implementing a single new App or system, you will gain knowledge and insight in this Strategy Session that WILL help you dramatically improve the way you and your Small Business work and will save you time, money and sanity.


What Photography CRMs do you have experience with?

I have extensive experience with over 15 powerful market-leading CRMs. (Now, 15 may not sound like a big number but trust me, it's big enough!  It takes years to have even a rudimentary understanding of such powerful apps).

I started my Photography CRM journey with Tave and it was one of the best things I ever did for my photography business at that time.  After several years with Tave, I switched to Sprout Studio, another awesome Photography CRM.  

I also have a lot of experience with generic (ie not photography-specific) CRMs like Pipedrive, Salesmate,, Flowlu, Hubspot, Vtiger, Agile CRM, Engagebay etc etc.  There are many CRMs I have not used or only used briefly but I learn and adapt to new systems very quickly.

Why do I even need a CRM for my photo business?

A good photography CRM will save you time and minimise the chances of human error - and they can help you earn more money too.  

Many offer features like instant scheduling and booking so you don't even have to go through the laborious back-and-forth of who is available when.  

The electronic contract/signature features many offer are also a vital feature (and electronic contract/signature software is not cheap so this alone is a good reason to use a Photography CRM).  

But perhaps most importantly, most good photography CRMs can automate a lot of the repetitive mundane tasks that we all do as working photographers every day, again and again and get the idea.

What makes you such an expert with CRMs?

I don't claim to be the greatest or most successful photographer in the world and I couldn't possibly be an expert on every single CRM or even Photography CRM on the market today.  But what I AM is systems-minded and I am also a fast learner who actually ENJOYS learning new systems.  

Even when I was purely a photographer, I was always on the search for a better system, a better way of doing something.  This constant searching and experimentation led to me acquiring a great deal of knowledge not only of how various individual CRMs work but also how good systems and workflow processes work and how your processes affect your choice of CRM but also your choice of CRM affects your processes.

I don't believe in opinions

We all have our opinions on things, including our own businesses and what works best for them.  But, if you want to get results, it's important you rely more on measurable and quantifiable theories than just opinion.  

The first step in improving your businesses digital systems and workflows is to measure them as they stand now.  Ie you need to create a benchmark.  Without this, it's all just guesswork and determining whether or not any changes have made things better or worse is guessed it...opinion.

If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you measure your business's current performance and then improve it significantly, get in touch via the contact form below.

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