How To Turn Your Small Business Into

A Profit Making Machine

AND Still Have A Life

(Yes, it is actually possible).

Let's Be Honest With Ourselves

If you're anything like me, you are incredibly passionate about your Small Business - you live it and breathe it and work damn hard every day (and I mean every single day) hard to reach your goals.

But let's be honest with ourselves for a second.  There are only 24 hours in the day, you probably could be more productive and there IS more to life than work.  (Remember life?)

There are only 24 hours in a day (I checked)

No matter how hard you work and how smart you are, there are still only 24 hours in the day.  (And apparently you are meant to sleep through some of them).  So naturally, there is a limit to how much you can get done in a day/week/month/year/career.

You're wasting precious hours of your life.

Every Small Biz involves a hell of a lot of time spent on consuming repetitive tasks.  If you AREN'T automating these or you are constantly switching between multiple Apps to manage them, you are throwing away precious hours of your life every single working day.  

Or you are throwing away your hard earned $ paying your staff to do something that technology can do faster, better and for less money.

There is more to life than work

I am not just passionate about my Small Biz, I am OBSESSED with it!  And I'm sure you feel the same about your business.

But you and I know that there is more to life than work. (Remember family, fun, friends?).

And more importantly, if you don't have some work-life balance, your work will suffer as much as your life.

So, what's the solution?

How can you be more productive, make your Small Biz even more awesome AND get your life back?

The solution is surprisingly simple when you think about it...


I'm not just talking integrated Apps that "play nice" with each other.  Connection also refers to us as humans and Small Biz Owners playing nice with each other.  

As Small Biz Owners, if we help each other we can benefit from each other's skills, knowledge and insight.  That way everybody wins.

Which is why Integrated Apps and an Integrated Community are at the heart of the solution.


Imagine if you could see all the information you were looking for in one app - at a single glance.  But, you also had the ability to filter, sort, search and display that information in almost any way you could imagine.  Wouldn't that be something?

This is why transparency and having all your data in one place are simple but surprisingly powerful (even transformative) features that are often overlooked when comparing Apps.


Don't be intimidated by automation - you already use it every single day without even thinking about it.  Like when your microwave switches off when the timer reaches zero.

Think of all the little mundane tasks you perform again and again every single day in your Small Biz that add up to a significant part of your work day/week.  I'm talking sales emails, adding events to your calendar, scheduling meetings, organising files, cashflow forecasting even writing social media posts.


Imagine if you could automate all the repetitive tasks you perform again and again like a would you use the time you saved?  How much more efficient could you become?  How much more profitable?  How much more awesome could both your life and your business be? Is The Solution

If you don't lift the hood, looks like nothing more than a simple - but admittedly very colourful - spreadsheet.  Sort of like a Christmasy version of Excel.  

Honestly, when I first looked into a couple of years ago, I didn't look deeply enough and this is precisely what I thought.  

Because is unlike any other software you have ever used before, it's REALLY hard to define it and it takes a bit of playing with it before you "get it".  But trust me, once you "get it", you will be blown away by what this "simple colourful App" can do for you and your Small Biz.

Below are the key features that I think make a uniquely powerful solution for managing your Small Business.

Integrated EVERYTHING offers a huge range of native integrations with other market-leading Apps.  This means that you can pull data in from your time-tracking App or push data out from Monday to Mailchimp - finally your data is connected and easily accessible.

On top of this, you can connect any data in Monday to almost any other piece of data in Monday and you can even create/modify one piece of data based on another piece of data.  The possibilities this opens up for automations and time-saving are almost endless.  

Finally, you can make your data work for you rather than the other way around!

Find all the info you need in one place - quickly displays data mostly in boards comprised of columns and rows.  The default view of these "boards" shows all data at a glance for total transparency and the ultimate in search functionality.  (In fact, much of the time you don't even need to search - because the data you need is "right there").

You can also filter, sort, search and create any view you like for any user you like, allowing you to display the information exactly how you/the user would like to see it.

The ability to find and action data quickly in is one of it's simplest and most basic-seeming features but it is unbelievable how powerful and transformative this functionality is for managing your Small Biz.

Powerful Custom Automations's Automations are incredibly powerful, customisable and totally transparent.

You can automate almost any aspect of your business processes and workflows with these automations.

And it is easy to see at a glance what automations are active for a given board and what these automations do (without having to open or edit them).

Build it as you go

(just like Lego)

Lego is a really good analogy for  Both are comprised of simple colourful blocks - but with them you can build almost anything!

One powerful benefit of this design is that is easy to tweak things as you go.  Meaning, you can continually fine tune your build to polish it further and futher to your needs (or easily adapt to changes in how your business operates).

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

There is SO much more that can do for your Small Business, I simply don't have enough time or pixels to describe them all here.  But hopefully this gives you some idea of how powerful is and what a transformation it can offer both you and your Small Biz.

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I'm Patrick Fallon

And I am totally obsessed with Apps for Small Business.  

I have spent I-don't-know-how-many-hours over the past 20 years or so researching, installing and mastering various digital systems for both my own businesses and those of my clients.

Now, I have made it my mission in life to help Small Biz Owners just like you to save time, money and sanity with better digital systems.  And I have created quite an arsenal of secret weapons to help me (and you) achieve this lofty goal.

These include our Awesome App Database, Curated Plug-and-Play App Collections, a variety of Free and Paid Online Courses, One-on-One Coaching and our Squadron Private Community...and if this isn't enough for you, we have some absolutely game-changing gizmos being released very soon...

As you can probably tell by now,I have some pretty big plans.  But if I'm going to pull half of them off, I'm going to need your help.  After all, both Apps and People work better together.

So, I would love it if you would join in the conversation over at our Squadron Community or roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with our App Database, our Online Courses and other features.

Patrick Fallon,

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