Thanks For Purchasing Our Kitset!

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Please follow the following steps to get your Kitset install.

If you are reading this page it means that you have already purchased the Kitset using our Affiliate Pricing option.  However, you still need to sign up for a new account via our Affiliate link in order before we are able to install our Kitset into your new account.

Below are the steps you need to take next in order to qualify for our Kitset Affiliate pricing.

An important note about our Kitset Affiliate Pricing Plan.

If you already had a paid plan before you signed up for this deal, you are not eligible for the Affiliate Pricing option on our Kitset and will need to upgrade to the Non-affiliate Option if you wish to use our Kitset.

Refer & Earn

Earn 50% Commission when somebody you refer signs up

Next Steps

Sign up for a new account via our Affiliate link.

You can even sign up to a free "Individual" plan and if you sign up for a paid plan it won't cost you any extra if you use our Affiliate link.  When you sign up to a paid plan via our Affiliate link it doesn't cost you any extra but we make a small commission.  This is what helps us keep the Kitset so affordable and also regularly updated.

Invite me as an Admin to your Monday account

You will need to invite as an Admin to your account so that I can install the Kitset.

Step 3 is where the magic happens...

Once I have been added as an Admin to your account and I have verified that you have signed up to using my Affiliate link, I will install the Kitset in your account and confirm with you.

You have questions. 

We have answers.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, we'd love to hear from you!

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  • +64(0)21737356
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