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What Happens Next?

Understanding your business

As soon as you schedule your first One-on-One Coaching Session with us, you will get an email containing some useful resources you are going to need and a questionnaire to help me learn a bit more about you and your business.  I will spend some time analysing your questionnaire responses, checking out your website and generally getting a sense of your business and brand and the systems you currently have in place.  If I feel that your business is a good fit for this offer, I will then confirm your Consultation Call.

What happens during the Consultation Call

During the Consultation Call, I will ask some questions but I will also do a lot of listening to make sure that I have a good understanding of your business and it's systems and how we can most effectively improve your productivity and effectiveness.

What you will walk away with

Although the bulk of the "doing" happens later, you will walk away from this Consultation Call with a clear list of no more than 10 very specific & totally achievable tasks to start working on straight away.  Each task will have a deadline, clear instructions and an explanation of why it's important.  (Remember, every goal - no matter how daunting it seems - can be broken down into many small steps.  And if those small steps are all achievable, then the goal is achievable too).


Finally, within 72 hours of your Consultation Call, I will email you your Complete Strategy Report PDF including full details on the proposed App and how we will set it up and use it to achieve significant productivity and performance gains for your Small business.

Follow up

1 week after your Consultation, I will check in with you by email to see if you wish to proceed with the steps outlined in the Strategy Report.  Remember that all of our services come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for complete peace of mind.


I'm Patrick Fallon

And I am totally obsessed with Apps for Small Business.  

I have spent I-don't-know-how-many-hours over the past 20 years or so researching, installing and mastering various digital systems for both my own businesses and those of my clients.

Now, I have made it my mission in life to help Small Biz Owners just like you to save time, money and sanity with better digital systems.  And I have created quite an arsenal of secret weapons to help me (and you) achieve this lofty goal.

These include our Awesome App Database, Curated Plug-and-Play App Collections, a variety of Free and Paid Online Courses, One-on-One Coaching and our Squadron Private Community...and if this isn't enough for you, we have some absolutely game-changing gizmos being released very soon...

As you can probably tell by now,I have some pretty big plans.  But if I'm going to pull half of them off, I'm going to need your help.  After all, both Apps and People work better together.

So, I would love it if you would join in the conversation over at our Squadron Community or roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with our App Database, our online courses and other features.

Patrick Fallon,

Semi-Pro Coffee Drinker, BotSquad