October 3, 2022

To add a template to your Monday.com account, simply click the "+ Add" menu item visible in the lefthand sideboard directly underneath the window that shows the currently selected Workspace.

This will reveal the dropdown quick add menu of which the fourth option will be "Choose from templates" with a magic wand icon.

Click this button and it will open the Monday.com template centre.

By default the Template Centre seems to open (at least for me) with the "Recommended for you" category showing.

The Template Centre is made up of a lefthand sidebar menu area and then, on the right and taking up most of the window, preview images, titles, descriptions and icons. There is also a search window at the top. 

How to use the Template Centre

The icons shown list all the available integrations. Note; none come with integrations installed as the integrations need to be connected to your own account within each App you wish to integrate with Monday.com.

When you click on any given Template, it will open a preview window that shows you screenshots of all the boards as well as a list of all available integrations and a short description of what the template does.

Template Categories

This The Monday.com Template Centre is broken into the following categories;


  • All templates
  • Recommended for you
  • Templates created in your account

Browse by category

  • Start from scratch
  • Marketing
  • Content Production
  • Project Management
  • Docs
  • Sales & CRM
  • Freelancers
  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Product Management
  • HR
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Startup
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Venture Capital
  • Construction
  • Nonprofits
  • From our experts

Note that all of these monday.com templates are customisable templates so you can modify them to suit your individual needs.

But what if there was

An Easier Way?

Our Monday.com Kitset is a complete INSTANT install Monday.com system that means you don't have to spend countless hours and dollars cobbling together different Templates.  

Project Management Templates

As an example of what each category and template contains, let's take a peek inside the Project Management Template category...

Multi Project

This bundle is made up of a project board and task board to make project management easy. Track, plan, and execute while syncing with all of the other important data in your workspace.

3 Boards, integrates with up to 18 Apps.

Agile Project Management

Use agile methodology to manage your projects. Plan a roadmap and manage your sprint backlog with a high degree of flexibility. Build, iterate, and learn while collaborating with stakeholders.

Contains 3 Boards and is compatible with zero integrations.

Risk Register

Manage all of your projects risks in this template and see the risks statuses in a glance through a risk register dashboard. Add risk owners, probabilities, and importance, and a smart formula will help asses the risk level.

Contains 2 Boards, no compatible integrations.

Single Project

Bring deadlines, stakeholders, budget, and more together in one place. Plan, manage, and track every aspect of your project so nothing slips by.

3 Boards, 7 available integrations.

Project Portfolio Management

This bundle is made up of a project board and task board to make project management easy. Track, plan, and execute while syncing with all of the other important data in your workspace.

3 Boards, integrates with up to 18 Apps.

Project Requests and Approvals

Manage all incoming project requests and approvals in one place. Receive real-time notifications to keep you informed with project status, unanticipated changes, and more.

1 Form View and 1 Board, 6 available integrations.

Monday.com Templates - To Be Continued

That's all on Monday.com Templates for now but stay tuned as I will be finishing this article off soon with an overview of the Pros & Cons of Monday.com Templates and tips on how to get the most out of the Template Centre as a Monday.com user.


I'm Patrick Fallon

And I am totally obsessed with Apps for Small Business.  

I have spent I-don't-know-how-many-hours over the past 20 years or so researching, installing and mastering various digital systems for both my own businesses and those of my clients.

Now, I have made it my mission in life to help Small Biz Owners just like you to save time, money and sanity with better digital systems.  And I have created quite an arsenal of secret weapons to help me (and you) achieve this lofty goal.

These include our Awesome App Database, Curated Plug-and-Play App Collections, a variety of Free and Paid Online Courses, One-on-One Coaching and our Squadron Private Community...and if this isn't enough for you, we have some absolutely game-changing gizmos being released very soon...

As you can probably tell by now,I have some pretty big plans.  But if I'm going to pull half of them off, I'm going to need your help.  After all, both Apps and People work better together.

So, I would love it if you would join in the conversation over at our Squadron Community or roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with our App Database, Online Courses and other features.

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Frequently asked questions

about our clients

Who are your typical clients?

That is a hard question to answer as every Small Biz and every Small Business Owner is quite unique.  But if I were to generalise, I would say that to date the most common types of clients we have worked with would be companies with between 1 and 10 staff members that have been in business for 3+ years who have well-established digital systems that either (a) are no longer working as well for them as they once did or (b) never worked that well for them in the first place and they have finally realised that perhaps there is a better way.

Do you only work with big budget companies?

No.  My background and passion is 100% Small Business and that is what we are focused on here at BotSquad.

What industries do you work with?

Everything from Adventure Tourism through to Wholesale.  No matter what industry you're in, if you're a Small Business, we can help.

About Our APPs

What Apps do you work with?

We work with any Apps that offer a wide range of powerful native integrations with other market-leading Apps.  Because BotSquad is a StartUp, at this stage the number of Apps in our Databases is limited but we are adding new Apps each and every month.

Are there any Apps you DON'T work with?

We try and avoid Apps that don't offer a good selection of native integrations with other Apps and also any Apps who's behaviour we find suspicious or questionable.  (For example, a pet hate of mine is Apps that allow you to sign up easily but force you to "request" an account cancellation when you want to leave.  At this stage, I am not listing any Apps with such a cancellation policy but I may review this in time).

If there is an App I am interested in that isn't covered, can you add it?

If there is a particular App that you would like to see covered in our App Database, Online Courses etc, please get in touch via the contact form on this page.  While we can't add every App requested, we will carefully consider all requests and if an App meets our requireemnts will endeavour to add some relevant content ASAP.