The Solution to your Small Biz Tech Headaches

is Surprisingly Simple

We all get frustrated when...

Technology sometimes makes our lives harder rather than easier.

Double-handling data

If you have to handle the same data more than once in different apps this is a total waste of time and greatly increases the chance of human error.

Doing "the Robot"

Find yourself repeating the same simple but time-consuming tasks again and again?  I call this "doing the robot" and this kind of work is best handled by real robots (AKA Apps) not you.

Dropping the ball

Ever forget to do something important?  (Missed Zoom Sales Call anyone?  Anyone...?).  Good integrated systems can help reduce the chances of this happening again or eliminate the problem altogether.

Export-import hell

Ever find yourself exporting and importing to get data out of one App and into another because they don't "talk to each other"?  (Not to mention all the CSV reformatting guesswork to try and get the data into the second app...).

Maintenance mode

Spend more time making your software do what it's supposed to than actually getting your real work done?

Our Plug-and-Play Integrated App Collections are the solution.

We offer a range of Plug-and-Play Integrated App Collections that are tried and tested.  Each App in the App Collection integrates natively with every other App in the Collection.  So you know that right from Day One your systems will be well-integrated and allow you to get back to doing what you love. Work OS; the visual platform that manages everything.


CRM & Automation Software; Grow your revenue & relationships.


The all-in-one sales platform for growing revenue.


The CRM platform your whole business will love.

Sprout Studio

Your new studio managements suite.  All in one place.


Streamline your projects from start to finish.

Don't see the App you are looking for?

We are working on new App Collections all the time.  Let us know which App/s you're interested in and, who knows, we might have it ready for you sooner than you think!

About Patrick

Chief Bottle-Washer & Semi-Pro Coffee Drinker, BotSquad

I am OBSESSED with digital systems (AKA Apps) for Small Business and I have made it my life's mission to make well integrated Apps an achievable reality for all Small Biz Owners, regardless of budget or tech know-how.  (Or not-know-how as the case may be!).

What Makes The BotSquad App Collections So Powerful

All of our App Collections are comprised of multiple complimentary Apps that integrate flawlessly (and natively) with each other.  (Goodbye Zapier, can't say I'll miss you!).  This means that right from Day One you have a suite of tools that you know "play nice" with each other.  And the best part is, you don't even need to use all of the Apps in the App Collection!  You can just start with what you need, knowing that the other Apps in the Collection will integrate seamlessly with your current systems when you are ready to add to your systems.


Integrated Systems from Day One

We offer a curated library of tried-and-tested App Collections that integrate flawlessly with each other.  So, your systems are integrated from Day 1.


True Plug-and-Play

We have built dozens of different App Collections complete with dummy data, integrations, automations and more for truly Plug-and-Play systems.


The Three "C"s

We provide support to BotSquad members with a range of free and paid Community, Coaching and Consulting options.

We will help you get the most out of your digital systems, whatever your budget.