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1. The Problem

Picking Apps individually

Most Small Business Owners pick, purchase and setup Apps one by one.  This results in Apps that don't "play nicely" with each other and will make your working life harder every single day.

People confuse the 2 types of simplicity

The average modern car is quite a complex beast under the hood but is simple to use every day.  In fact, it's hard to imagine life without the convenience of having a car - this complex beast makes your life easy...simple, even.  

Software is much the same.  

There is a big difference between an App that makes running your business simple and a simple App - they are not necessarily the same thing.

Setting up Apps one by one is a waste of time

If you want your Apps to "play nicely" with each other, obviously choosing them and setting them one by one is both a waste of time and also likely to result in an IT nightmare down the road.

2. The Result

"Frankensteined" systems

If you cobble together a bunch of different Apps that don't integrate with each other natively, you are going to end up with what I like to call a "Frankensteined" system.  This always results in increased setup time and problem-solving and siloed data.  And siloed data results in double-handling data, wasting of time & budget, increased stress and confusion and greater risk of human error.

Simple systems that make running your business complex

Often-times, simple Apps with limited features are simple to use and set up but actually make managing your business complex.  And guess what?  You will spend a lot more time in your life managing your business than setting up new Apps.  So, if you have to choose between simplicity and saving time in your systems versus simplicity and saving time managing your business every single working week, hopefully the smart choice is obvious.

An un-integrated approach to Apps is inefficient.

If you want to end up with well-integrated systems for your Small Biz, setting them up one by one at different points in the life of the business is the least efficient and most expensive and time-consuming way to achieve this.

3. The Solution

App Databases

Find your Dream App without a single Google Search with our App Databases.

Plug+Play Integrated App Collections

Use our Plug+Play Integrated App Collections & Services to quickly and easily create seamless well-integrated digital systems for your Small Business.

Online Courses

We offer a range of Free and Paid Online Courses to help you along every step of the journey - from App installation and basic setup right through to advanced user courses,  We can also offer a variety of Consulting Packages where we do the work for you.

Coaching & Consulting

We offer bespoke One-on-One Coaching & Consulting Services.  Please get in touch to find out how we can help you to achieve your goals faster and easier.


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Main Benefits


Find Your Dream App.  Fast.

The greatest stumbling block Small Businesses face implementing better digital systems is actually FINDING the best App for their specific business needs.

Not only do we make finding your Dream App fast and easy, with BotSquad you have a much greater chance of actually picking the App that is the best fit for your Small Biz.


Integrated From Day One.

All of our Apps and App collections are carefully selected because they offer multiple powerful native integrations with other market-leading Apps.  

So, regardless of whether you are in the market for a single App or an entire App Collection, you know the Apps we recommend will "play nice with others" and make your life easier not harder.


Get Support That Gets You.  (Huh?)

We offer a huge variety of free and paid Support options to help you find, implement and master your Dream Apps.

From our Private Squadron Community, Bootcamp Online Courses right through to Private Support Chat, Coaching & Consulting.  Whatever your budget and wherever you're at in your App Journey, we can help.

How It Works


If you are just beginning your search for your Dream App, the best place to start is by joining our Private Community (AKA Squadron).  This is a great place to connect with fellow Small Biz Owners, ask questions and generally give and receive support and motivation.


Next, if you are on the hunt for your Dream App, check out our App Databases.  Access is free and it's a great place to start your search and compare all the relevant well-integrated Apps in one place.


After that, I recommend you have a look at our BootCamp Online Courses to see if there are any free or paid courses available for the Apps you are interested in.


Finally, if you need more help, just reach out.  We offer a range of Support from One-on-One Coaching to Consulting and even Live Chat.


I'm Patrick Fallon

I am totally obsessed with

I've spent I-don't-know-how-many-hours over the past 5 years or so researching, testing and implementing the best way to use Monday to improve small business efficiency and profitability.

And, I have made it my mission in life to help Small Biz Owners just like you to save time, money and sanity with Monday's powerful workflows, automations and integrations.  And I have created quite an arsenal of secret weapons to help me (and you) achieve this lofty goal.

These include my consulting and coaching services as well as a wide range of free Online Courses, Videos and Video Guides, free downloads etc all available on our free MondayWiki Community-Powered Knowledge Base.

I have some pretty big plans for this Community.  But if I'm going to pull half of them off, I'm going to need your help.  So, I would love it if you would join in the conversation over at our MondayWiki Community-Powered Knowledge Base.

Patrick Fallon,

Semi-Pro Coffee Drinker, BotSquad

You have questions. 

We have answers.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, we'd love to hear from you!

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Frequently asked questions

about our clients

Who are your typical clients?

That is a hard question to answer as every Small Biz and every Small Business Owner is quite unique.  But if I were to generalise, I would say that to date the most common types of clients we have worked with would be companies with between 1 and 10 staff members that have been in business for 3+ years who have well-established digital systems that either (a) are no longer working as well for them as they once did or (b) never worked that well for them in the first place and they have finally realised that perhaps there is a better way.

Do you only work with big budget companies?

No.  My background and passion is 100% Small Business and that is what we are focused on here at BotSquad.

What industries do you work with?

Everything from Adventure Tourism through to Wholesale.  No matter what industry you're in, if you're a Small Business, we can help.

About Our APPs

What Apps do you work with?

We work with any Apps that offer a wide range of powerful native integrations with other market-leading Apps.  Because BotSquad is a StartUp, at this stage the number of Apps in our Databases is limited but we are adding new Apps each and every month.

Are there any Apps you DON'T work with?

We try and avoid Apps that don't offer a good selection of native integrations with other Apps and also any Apps who's behaviour we find suspicious or questionable.  (For example, a pet hate of mine is Apps that allow you to sign up easily but force you to "request" an account cancellation when you want to leave.  At this stage, I am not listing any Apps with such a cancellation policy but I may review this in time).

If there is an App I am interested in that isn't covered, can you add it?

If there is a particular App that you would like to see covered in our App Database, Online Courses etc, please get in touch via the contact form on this page.  While we can't add every App requested, we will carefully consider all requests and if an App meets our requireemnts will endeavour to add some relevant content ASAP.