Take Your Small Biz To The Next Level With A BotSquad App Collection

What is an App Collection?

A BotSquad App Collection is a carefully selected group of market-leading Apps that offer powerful native integrations with each other.  Together, the Apps work seamlessly as one system - offering true integration and greatly reducing time wastage and human error caused by siloed data and the double-handling that results.

All of our App Collections come with;

  1. 1
    Up to 5 Integrated Apps
  2. 2
    Up to 20 Automations
  3. 3
     Complete Setup - Basic
  4. 4
    Dummy Data for testing purposes

How To Pre-Register For Your App Collection

At this stage, our library of App Collections is a work in progress and the Collections are not publicly available.    But you never know, we may just have an App Collection that is right for you nearing completion.  Please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page to tell us what Apps you are looking for.


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I've spent I-don't-know-how-many-hours over the past 5 years or so researching, testing and implementing the best way to use Monday to improve small business efficiency and profitability.

And, I have made it my mission in life to help Small Biz Owners just like you to save time, money and sanity with Monday's powerful workflows, automations and integrations.  And I have created quite an arsenal of secret weapons to help me (and you) achieve this lofty goal.

These include my consulting and coaching services as well as a wide range of free Online Courses, Videos and Video Guides, free downloads etc all available on our free MondayWiki Community-Powered Knowledge Base.

I have some pretty big plans for this Community.  But if I'm going to pull half of them off, I'm going to need your help.  So, I would love it if you would join in the conversation over at our MondayWiki Community-Powered Knowledge Base.

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